Do you know why concierge midwifery is so awesome? Read on to find out.... 

1. Personalized Care for You 

Excellent midwifery care can only be achieved by having enough time to listen to you and really get to know the whole you.  You are more than just pregnancy symptoms. Clients of Beautiful Birthings enjoy hour long appointment in their home each and every time. Your midwife will listen and respond with compassion. Lab tests are done during regular scheduled visits in your home. Most lab results are available to you within 1 to 4 days. This process may take weeks in a doctors office!

The current insurance based system keeps reimbursements to care providers low while the overhead cost of a maternity practice continues to rise every year. The only way for a standard obstetrical (OB) practice to keep up with rising costs is to see more patients.  OB practices see 2000 or more patients a year. They are often forced to conduct a hurried visit that is finished in 10 minutes without a chance for the doctor to get to know you. The quality of care starts to go down and this conveyor belt system creates miss trust and frustration for EVERYONE involved. 

Concierge midwifery requires Beautiful Birthings to limit the number of clients to no more than 40 a year in order to provide more personalized care with the ability to build a relationship with you and your family.

2. Concierge Midwifery is Affordable 

Did you know the average cost of hospital delivery in Florida is $12,00-$27,000?!

Beautiful Birthings offers an all inclusive maternity package designed to lower costs for you!  This package is a fraction of the cost you would pay at a doctors office and hospital.  The package includes prenatal visits, 24 hour access to your midwife via cell phone, birth support and monitoring through your entire labor, postpartum visits, labs, birth certificate filing and some extra goodies for being such an amazing part of that Beautiful Birthings family!

3. Empowered Healthcare 

As a client of Beautiful Birthings you become part of an easy to use patient portal that allows you direct access to your chart,  midwife messaging and lab results. This quality of care allows you to be an active participant in your health care. You are in charge of your health and the health of your baby with your caring midwife by your side offering her expertise.

When the big day comes and you are in labor you have the option to birth however you want. You are not required to have an IV or become tethered to machines while lying on your back in the bed. You are free to eat whenever you want. Choose the position that your body and baby are guiding you into. Trust your instincts. Take a relaxing bath in the birth tub to ease the pressure. Hold your baby and bond as a family for hours after birth without strangers poking, prodding and whisking him off to the nursery.

4. Focus on Preventative Healthcare Through a Holistic Approach 

Concierge midwifery allows ample time with each client for the midwife to offer education about preventative healthcare.  As an exclusive client, you will have approximately 14 hours of face time with the midwife through your pregnancy. This allows conversations to shift into various topics such as nutrition, exercise, birth positions, childbirth education, and breast-feeding. The ultimate goal is for you to have a healthy pregnancy and continue with the healthy lifestyle which enables your child, our future generation, to be healthy. Not only will you benefit from a preventative healthcare approach, you also receive a holistic health care approach to pregnancy and birth. Pulling your mind, body and spirit into your prenatal visits through communication, meditation and connecting with the baby while we measure and listen to the baby's heartbeat. Expanding your knowledge on alternative medicine such as herbs, homeopathics, chiropractics, massage therapy and acupuncture will benefit you and your family for years to come. 

5. Your Midwife is Present for your Labor 

When you participate in concierge midwifery you get the perks of constant support and monitoring from one person you have built a trusting relationship with. 

Imagine the typical hospital birth women experience. Within a couple hours of being in the hospital you may have seen 2 to 4 nurses and doctors that you have never met before who all perform a vaginal exam to evaluate your dilation.  Through your labor there may be a shift change and a new nurse is taking care of you. Various people are popping in and out of your room to have you sign forms, change the garbage and fill out paperwork. The Doctor on call is the doctor that delivers your baby. You may have never met this doctor before.

Now imagine birthing at home with your midwife. She arrives just as labor is getting intense. She gives you a big hug and you feel reassured to see the midwife you built a bond with over the last nine months.  The midwife stays with you the entire labor which could mean 24 hours for some moms. She encourages, massages and provide emotional support. You and your baby are safe and being monitored. After the baby arrives she hold space for you and your partner to soak up the experience of becoming new parents and bond with your baby. She starts a load of laundry while your little one gets the hang of nursing. 

Doesn't that sound like the type of care you would like to receive? Consider concierge midwifery with Beautiful Birthings for your next birth. Call Terri today for your free consultation at 321-604-6503