As a midwife, I hear the same story over and over. I'm sure you have heard it too. Or maybe you have experienced it yourself. It's the story of a woman's hospital birth that didn't go as planned.

Maybe she was induced or had a slow labor and was given pitocin. She was told she was not allowed to eat or drink anything. The nurse hooked her up to continuous fetal monitoring, an IV and blood pressure cuff and told her she wasn't allowed to get out of bed. She was left alone for hours in the labor room. She was told when she could or couldn't push. She was on display with her legs held open as strangers gathered in the room right before the baby was born. She heard her baby crying from across the room but didn't get to hold her for an hour. Or maybe her baby was not able to handle the pitocin and she was rushed into a c-section unable to hold her baby for hours.  It's the story of a lack of respect, autonomy, informed consent and compassion. 

Many women are unhappy with their hospital birthing experience. Unfortunately, they didn't know there was another option. A safe option. A birth outside the hospital with a midwife. A birth experience full of love, empathy, support and empowerment. Imagine if more women knew about out of hospital birth? I am saddened when I hear a woman share her birth experience she was not happy with. It's not right. Women have another option and they need to know about it!!


The midwives of Central Florida have decided it's time to break the silence. It's time women knew about ALL of their options. We are running a billboard campaign informing women they have a choice. Many midwives are contributing financially to this campaign. Even with our contributions we still need to raise $10,000. Would you be willing to donate $25? 

Please watch the video below for more details and make a donation to our indie go go fundraiser listed below. Spread the out of hospital love so all women in Central Florida know there is another option for their birth. Please donate and share this link!

Thank you and lots of love to you!!