I am often asked how much weight gain in pregnancy is normal. The standard answer is 25-35 pounds. But, everyone is different. I don't worry so much about weight gain in pregnancy and tend to focus on a healthy diet, exercise, mind and spirit through pregnancy. If a mom is eating a healthy diet and exercising through her pregnancy then she will gain the perfect amount of weight for her body! 

As women we tend to get so caught up in what the scale is telling us and we link our self love to a number on the scale. It is normal to gain weight in pregnancy. It is normal to develop feminine curves in pregnancy. It is normal to allow yourself to feel sexy with your pregnant belly, hips and breasts. Embrace the beautiful woman you are. Show yourself some love everyday.

You are not gaining 30 pounds of fat while pregnant! The weight women gain in pregnancy has a purpose. Here is where the weight goes.....

Baby 7 1/2 lbs

Placenta 2 lbs

Amniotic fluid 2 lbs

Blood volume 2 1/2 lbs

Uterus 2 lbs

Fluid in body 6 lbs

Breasts 1 lb

Fat 5 lbs

For a grand total of 28 pounds

A healthy pregnancy starts in the kitchen! Create healthy meal choices and embrace the wonderful weight gain. You are creating life!!!