When I am past the point of hunger it's hard to eat healthy! If I misjudge my time and don't plan accordingly, I can become very cranky. Lately I have been BUSY.  It's so easy to convince myself that takeout will be a quick easy fix. The reality is; I can create quick healthy meals that are delicious in less time than it takes to get take out. Plus, it's easier on the wallet. 

The following recipe is so simple you will be just as giddy as I was when you sit down to eat. You will need boneless skinless chicken breast, a carton of cherry tomatoes, a bag of pre-washed spinach, and feta cheese. 


Preheat your oven to  350°F

Preheat a cast iron or heavy bottomed pan on medium heat.  

While those are heating up prepare the chicken. I used 3 chicken breasts. If they are really thick (I buy my chicken at Costco and they are huge!), cut them in half lengthwise or they will take forever to cook and the whole point of this recipe is to get the food on the table quickly and into our starving bellies! Right?

Rub some olive oil onto the chicken on both sides and sprinkle with salt and pepper. It's simple right? Get some cherry tomatoes out and slice them in half.

When your pan is nice and ready, heat 1 Tbsp olive oil in the pan and turn to coat. How do you know if your pan is ready to cook delicious golden chicken perfectly? Do this test:

Drop a couple water droplets on the pan. Water droplets should sizzle, then roll and hop around the pan, when dropped onto the heated surface. If the water disappears immediately after being dropped, the pan is too hot. If water only rests and bubbles in the pan, it is not quite hot enough. 


Place the chicken in the pan and brown for 5 minutes on each side. Transfer the chicken to a baking dish and pop in the oven to continue cooking.  


While the chicken cooks in the oven put the spinach and tomatoes in the skillet. Let them carmalize for 10 minutes. 


The real secret to this recipe is this healthy organic Seeds of Change brown rice and quinoa mix. It is ready in 90 seconds! This mix provides healthy carbs to this nutrition packed dinner. I buy this at Costco. 


When everything is cooked it's time to plate this dish. I put the rice mix on a plate with the chicken on top. Top it off with the tomatoes. Add some feta cheese. If you have any balsamic vinegar reduction it is the perfect addition to this tasty meal.  

You can now cook a healthy meal for the family in 30 minutes. Enjoy!!!