Last week I dusted off my juicer and decided to add some more vegetable juice to my day. I always forget how awesome juicing is until I start juicing again after a long break. Drinking veggie juice makes me feel more alert, happy, energetic and healthy. And, it is so delicious!

If you're like me, you probably went off track with vegetable consumption through the holidays. Cookies, chocolate, stuffing and candy canes are yummy but they are lacking in vegetables. Once I got back into my work schedule, I noticed I was skipping salads and grabbing convenient packaged foods during my busy workday. I was craving sugar and fat like I couldn't get enough!

Why do I enjoy juicing so much? Because there are so many benefits!!!!  These are the top 3 reasons why I love to juice:


1. Juicing allows you to absorb all the enzymes from vegetables

Enzymes are essential for digestion, and converting food to energy at the cellular level. 95% of the enzymes from vegetables are found in the juice and many are destroyed when heated above 114 degrees. This doesn't mean that we should stop eating cooked vegetables completely as there are many other benefits from eating vegetables besides the enzymes. Juicing once a day will help us get the enzymes into our bodies in a yummy drink!   

2. You can get 6-8 servings of vegetables daily without a problem

It is hard to get all your veggies in every day. The average American consumes 1.5 servings of vegetables daily. When you juice, you can easily get in the recommended daily serving in 16-20oz of juice! Add in a salad with lunch and dinner and you will probably be getting in 12 servings of veggies every day! 

3. You will increase your general health

Drinking juice every day allows you to incorporate a variety of veggies that you may not eat daily. Juicing a variety of veggies will increase your immune system, give you an energy boost, support brain health and reduce your risk of heart disease, cancer, autoimmune disease and diabetes. 


Turn this..... 

 Kale, pear, spinach, celery, cucumber and orange, romaine lettuce 

Kale, pear, spinach, celery, cucumber and orange, romaine lettuce 

Into this...... 


Please note that I am sharing my opinion and research with adding 1 juice daily to a healthy diet and lifestyle. I am not promoting living on vegetable juice alone. Pregnant and nursing women are advised to continue a healthy diet with adding 1 juice daily. Please avoid juice fasting while pregnant or nursing.

Share your experience with juicing or your favorite recipe