Welcome to the world baby girl. I loved this family from the moment I met them. They are very spiritual and have created a wonderful life. It’s always so special to see first time moms deliver at home. This Mom wanted to birth in the tub and that’s exactly what she did. Her husband was so supportive. He was with her every step of the way. 


It wasn’t long after the birth team arrived when she started to feel the urge to push. She worked with her body and moved her baby down. She worked so hard and we finally saw the head. Baby girl was delivered into the hands of Mom and Dad. 


She is so beautiful and happy to be with Mama. 


This little pumpkin is so lucky to have such a wonderful family. She was born with her parents and grandparents surrounding her. 


Happy midwife, happy baby! Congratulations to this family and thank you for choosing me to be your midwife. 


Photos by: Alejandra DeMaio